Visual testing (VT)

Visual testing is a mainstay of surface inspection performed before all other non-destructive tests. Visual testing only allows the detection of imperfections formed on the surface of welded joints. Observations are made from the side of the face and the root (if access is provided) using the naked eye or with mirrors, loupes, etc.
Authorisation range
Applicable standards, procedures and instructionsExamination rangeExamined objects
PN-EN ISO 17637 „Non-destructive testing of welds – Visual testing of fusion-welded joints”
PN-EN ISO 13018 „Non-destructive testing – Visual testing – General principles”
Shape imperfections and surface discontinuities of welded jointsMetallurgical products
Welded joints
Examination Procedure No. NL/PB – 1.9 “Length and angle measurements”Determining the real values of length “L” [mm] with measurements of ovalisation, ovality, edge distance, and axial distance

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