We are proud to present you with excerpts from selected recommendations:

“The tests were performed in an efficient and timely manner, adhering to the contract requirements and the applicable standards and regulations. The examination was performed at a high technical competence and quality level. The laboratory’s personnel showed a professional approach and expert knowledge, and were conscientious and meticulous in performing the work, being available when needed and flexible in their approach to the Client.”

“We confirm that POLIMER NDT Laboratory carried out the following non-destructive testing for our company:
Diagnostic testing during the renovation and modernisation of power boilers at the following locations:
• Siekierki Power Station in Warsaw,
• Żerań Power Station in Warsaw,
• Wola Heating Plant in Warsaw,
• Siersza Power Plant in Trzebinia,
• Jaworzno III Power Plant in Jaworzno,
• Czechnica Power Plant in Siechnice,
• Wrocław Power Plant,
• Tychy Power Plant,
• Kraków Power Plant.
The said services were carried out in accordance with the requirements, in a professional, efficient and timely manner. We found the laboratory to be a reliable partner who maintained a high quality of the tests.
The employees performing NDT tests showed a highly professional approach, know-how and experience, conscientiousness and flexibility in work organisation and availability. Our cooperation was effective and relevant.”

“We confirm that the Polimer NDT Laboratory cooperated (…) in the performance of the following tasks: MT, HT, PMI, UT & PT non-destructive testing of welded joints of a boiler – structure and pressure elements (…).
The tests were carried out and documented in accordance with the contract requirements, at the top technical and quality level. The employees performing NDT tests showed the appropriate skills: know-how, experience and ability, supported by valid certificates, a reliable and flexible work organisation and availability.
Considering the above, we can recommend Polimer NDT Laboratory as a reliable partner for non-destructive testing.

“The laboratory’s personnel performed the commissioned tests efficiently, conscientiously and reliably. The Polimer NDT Laboratory is valued for a friendly atmosphere, reliability, speed and a highly professional approach to testing, as well as the commitment of its employees to high customer service standards.
Considering the above, we recommend the Laboratory as a professional and friendly NDT contractor.”

“In our cooperation to date, the company has performed all its tasks reliably, maintaining the utmost care and the highest quality of tests. Polimer’s employees have displayed extensive specialised knowledge and experience, and have made all efforts to meet the Client’s demands. The testing personnel has been available when needed in terms of organising the work, open and communicative. We have been impressed by the expertise, timeliness and affordability of the testing services provided by the Polimer NDT Laboratory. This allows us to state with full confidence that the Polimer laboratory is a highly professional contractor for non-destructive testing.

“In May 2013 the NDT Laboratory performed the following diagnostic tests for our company: wall thickness measurements for the pressure parts of the OFz425 fluidised bed boiler No. 2 (over 17,000 measurements in total). The said services were carried out on time and with due care, meeting the requirements of the applicable standards and regulations.”

“The Polimer NDT Laboratory carried out (…) radiographic testing of welded joints of pipelines. These services were performed efficiently, in a timely and professional manner, meeting the contractual demands and the current standards and regulations. The tests were performed in compliance with the occupational health & safety requirements and internal regulations. The laboratory’s personnel maintained a truly professional approach to performing the tests, with excellent technical knowledge, experience, high standard of workmanship, dedication and an open attitude to our needs and requirements. (…).
With this in mind, we recommend the Polimer NDT Laboratory as a professional and friendly contractor for non-destructive testing.”

“The tests are performed in a very professional, detailed and timely manner, following the OHS, fire safety and environmental protection regulations. The employees have the required specialised skills and considerable technical knowledge on the construction and operation of the equipment they use for testing and take advantage of modern testing devices and means.”

“Our cooperation with the NDT Laboratory at the successive stages of implementing the contract was exceptionally smooth. The Laboratory’s personnel conducted the required tests with dedication and a commitment to high quality. We found Polimer’s employees to have extensive knowledge, experience and flexibility, as well as great communication skills and personal culture in communication with our employees. The tests were completed on time and in accordance with the adopted schedule and technical documentation.”

“The quality of the services was high, the deadlines were met, and the reports were fully aligned with our requirements. It is with full confidence that we can recommend POLIMER NDT Laboratory as a reliable contractor.

“The services are completed efficiently, reliably, and on time, as per the orders, in compliance with regulatory requirements and applicable standards. The laboratory employees have the necessary technical knowledge, experience, professional attitude to testing, diligence and high workmanship standards. They are flexible, organised and communicative. They perform comprehensive tests, for example, for welding technologies qualification.

“The commissioned tests were conducted by highly qualified personnel, which had the required knowledge and attention to detail and was available when needed by the client. The tests were performed efficiently, on time, and in accordance with the contractual requirements, at a high technical and quality level.”