We have been providing Non-Destructive Examination services since 2013. Since its inception the laboratory has supported Polimer’s manufacturing of pressure equipment with its technical inspection capabilities, bringing invaluable experience to the table. We provide a wide range of non-destructive testing services for a large number of industries located across Poland. We are well positioned to perform a variety of tests, ranging from those performed on materials and individual welds, to technology qualification and welder examinations, to comprehensive diagnostics of entire installations during maintenance shutdowns, as well as in operation.


We provide a wide range of specialised non-destructive testing services, putting the emphasis on excellent customer service, flexibility, speed and efficiency.


We want to meet all of our clients’ requirements in terms of non-destructive testing, relating to quality, test types, authorisations, range, time and communication.
We want to be an employer inspiring people to fully realise their potential.