Hardness testing (HT)

Hardness testing is a non-destructive testing method using the UCI method with portable hardness testers. The UCI method uses a probe featuring a rod with a Vickers diamond indenter mounted at the tip. The rod oscillates with a frequency of about 70 kHz as the probe’s diamond is pressed against the tested material and the frequency deviates from this base value according to the properties of the material being tested. The change in frequency is proportional to the contact area, or the indentation area created by the Vickers diamond. The device software compares the two frequencies and mathematically calculates the Vickers hardness (HV) value.

Hardness measurement of metals and their welded joints is performed using a portable hardness tester on site.

Authorisation range
Applicable standards, procedures
and instructions
Examination rangeExamined objects
Examination Procedure No. NL/PB-1.7, “Hardness measurement using a portable hardness tester”
measurement using
the UCI method in
the HV10 load range
Metallurgical and products
Welded joints

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