Ultrasonic testing (UT)

Ultrasonic tests are carried out as per the standards listed below (thickness ≥ 8) and using the IBUS method (thickness range from 2 to 8 mm).
Ultrasonic testing is a volumetric testing method, which allows detecting and evaluating readings (imperfections) occurring inside the tested object. This method facilitates determining the location and scale of imperfections inside the material. It detects imperfections using ultrasonic waves, which usually have frequencies of 0.5–6 MHz. An ultrasonic head is used to emit ultrasonic waves that penetrate into the material. Discontinuities in the tested element reflect a part of the beam, which returns to the head (transducer) – reflection method. The testing technique is based on observing the impulses reflected from material discontinuities on the oscilloscope screen.
Authorisation range according to ASME
Applied regulationsExamination rangeExamined objects
ASME code:
• Section VIII Division 1
• Section VIII Division 2
Discontinuities of welded joints
Imperfections of castings
Metallurgical products
Welded joints

Authorisation range
Applicable standards, procedures and instructionsExamination rangeExamined objects
PN-EN ISO 16810 „Non-destructive testing – Ultrasonic testing – General principles”
PN-EN ISO 17640 „Non-destructive testing of welds – Ultrasonic testing – Techniques, testing levels, and assessment”
Discontinuities of welded joints with a thickness from 8 mm up to 100 mmMetallurgical products
Welded joints
IBUS-TD 07 ManualImperfections of welded joints from 2 to 8 mm
PN- ISO 10308 „Non-destructive testing – Ultrasonic testing of steel bars” Imperfections of steel bars
PN- ISO 10228-3 “Non-destructive testing of steel forgings–
Part 3: Ultrasonic testing of ferritic or martensitic steel forgings”
Imperfections of steel forgings
PN- ISO 10228-4 “Non-destructive testing of steel forgings – Imperfections of steel forgings
Part 4: Ultrasonic testing of austenitic and austenitic-ferritic stainless steel forgings”
Imperfections of stainless steel forgings
PN-EN 12680-1 “Founding – Ultrasonic testing –
Part 1: Steel castings for general purposes”
Imperfections of steel castings
PN-EN 10160 “Ultrasonic testing of steel flat product of thickness equal or greater than 6 mm (reflection method)”Imperfections of flat steel products with a thickness from 6 mm
PN-EN ISO 10893-8 “Non-destructive testing of steel tubes – Part 8: Automated ultrasonic testing of seamless and welded steel tubes for the detection of laminar imperfections”
PN-EN ISO 10893-10 “Non-destructive testing of steel tubes –
Part 10: Automated full peripheral ultrasonic testing of seamless and welded (except submerged arc-welded) steel tubes for the detection of longitudinal and/or transverse imperfections”
Imperfections of steel tubes

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