Leak testing (LT)

Leak testing using bubble emission techniques is a testing method that allows the detection of discontinuities in the material going through it, or leaks, using vacuum pads.

Leak testing is performed using bubble emission techniques.

The testing method utilises the pressure difference between connected media and the penetration of gas from the medium with a higher pressure (atmosphere) to the medium with a lower pressure (vacuum chamber) The use of a foam solution in the vacuum chamber makes it possible to see the penetration of air from the atmosphere through leaks, so they can be located.
Leak testing (LT)
Application range
Applicable standards, procedures and instructionsExamination range Examined objects
PN-EN 1593 „Non-destructive testing. Leak testing.
Bubble emission techniques”
Leakage assessment of tested objects by indicating and locating leakage by bubble method.Metallurgical products
Welded joints
PN-EN 1779 „Non-destructive testing. Leak testing.
Criteria for method and technique selection”

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