Heat treatment

We perform residual stress relief annealing of post weld heat treatment (PWHT) using the electrical resistance method for:

  • tubes
  • plates
  • pipelines
  • steam and water boilers
  • special structures
  • pressure and non-pressure vessels
We operate throughout Poland.


Post weld heat treatment is a technological process that aims to improve mechanical properties by inducing structural changes as a result of temperature and time.

Annealing is a heat treatment process. It consists of heating the component to a temperature below Ac1 (e.g. for unalloyed steels 580-620 °C), annealing and cooling-down.

The stress-relief annealing treatment reduces the propensity for cracks, especially brittle or cold cracks, and improves the properties of the joint.

Qualified staff:

Annealing is carried out and supervised by personnel qualified and authorised by the Office of Technical Inspection.

After heat treatment, hardness testing of the elements are taken by our UDT recognised material testing laboratory.

We provide heat treatment services throughout Poland.

High-end equipment:

We use mobile 6-channel machines with a power of 40 kVA for resistance annealing,
reaching operating temperatures up to 1 050 °C. The process is controlled by the operator
and the processing parameters are recorded using specialized software.

The client receives a heat treatment authentications and the heat treatment certificates.

Example projects:

  • Performance of heat treatment of welded joints (PWHT) of a pressure equipment for Hyundai Power Systems.
  • Tube sheets and shell welds of a utiliser boiler for one of Poland’s nitrogen plants.
  • Tube bundle of steam boiler.

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Our office staff is available from Monday to Friday 7.00 -15.00.
The testing personnel is available depending on the assignment.